Central’s Centennial Celebrations

Central Library is turning 100 on September and there’ll be lots of celebratory moments! I love Multnomah County Library’s new website because you can find all related events through this link.

I’m looking forward to the new exhibition up at Collins Gallery opening July 5th. “This exhibition traces the history of Central Library in images and objects, including architect A.E. Doyle’s blueprints, the now-vanished library stacks, a register listing new cardholders, and photographs representing decades of library staff fashion errors!”

I’ve already made plans to attend “A Downtown Walking Tour of Library History” on Sunday, August 25th. (There’s another one on Saturday, August 24th.) Enjoy a two-hour walking tour of 150 years of library history, guided by local nonprofit Know Your City, with special guests A.E. Doyle biographer Philip Niles and librarians who will share treasures from the library’s archives and special collections. Learn about the origins of our modern library system by visiting the Multnomah County Library’s three previous locations, People’s Free Reading Room, bookdrop at Transcentral and more.”

I’m also looking forward to getting to know more about Mary Frances Isom, Portlans’d first female librarian, and Central’s architect, A.E. Doyle.

Other events include music, crafts and performances. If you’re as excited as I am about Central’s centennial, I’ll probably see you at these events!


P.S.- Central Library: Portland’s Crown Jewel by Richard E. Ritz is a great book to read until then. Read my review here.

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