Book Reviews: Down Cut Shin Creek and That Book Woman

I love the innovative ways people have thought up to get books into the hands of others! The Pack Horse Library Project of Kentucky was one example of such. And it just happened that I read two books about this very subject within a short time of one another.

Down Cut Shin Creek (2001) by Kathi Appelt and Jeanne Cannella Schmitzer gives a more detailed account of this program. It was inspiring to read about the women (and men) who took part in this- all of whom seemed very courageous and determined. And I’m glad people appreciated their dedication. Families with nothing to give still managed to find something to offer them as a token of their gratitude whether it be a quilt pattern or a family recipe.

That Book Woman (2008) by Heather Henson and illustrations by David Small is a fictionalized account of one boy’s perspective of a “book woman” who comes to his family’s home on a regular basis whatever the weather. It’s another great tribute to those traveling librarians- and the power of books. It was a wonderful moment when the boy asked his younger sister to teach him how to read.

I wasn’t familiar with this moment in library history so I was glad to have found these books!

  1. You’ve definitely caught my attention with That Book Woman. I definitely want to check it out.

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