The Road Trippin’ Adventures of Ericat and Muffin: In which She takes Him Library Hopping and wonders what She got Herself into

My roommate decided to take me Library Hopping as a birthday present. I was sort of nervous about her offer because I don’t think she really knew how seriously (in the most fun way possible, of course) I took Library Hopping. I was also giddy with excitement with the prospect of visiting multiple libraries in one day. I dubbed this event “The Road Trippin’ Adventures of Ericat and Muffin: In which She takes Him Library Hopping and wonders what She got Herself into.”

Planning for this involved many late nights on my part using an invaluable resource I discovered Oregon Library Map. After mapping out different routes- and I can’t really say how many I considered, we settled on Option 3a.


What does one take on a trip like this? She did think of everything- M&M white chocolate cookies, Nutter Butter, dried mango with chili powder, and Mariah Carey playlists. I did check out some audio books just in case there were lulls in the conversation but surprisingly there weren’t any.

It wouldn’t be a Library Hop if there wasn’t a misadventure- usually involving getting lost. In Albany, we saw a sign that read “The Old Library” so we foolishly thought we had reached our first destination. But this was where the main library was before it moved to its current location across the street. The dermatology place must have been wondering why people were taking pictures in front of their building! At least, there was some historic significance.

I loved seeing the Albany Main Library being used. Families were streaming in for story time. People were sitting down in the reading areas or using the computers. I enjoy seeing the different art installations. The mural above the welcome desk is “All That is Oregon.” I also love seeing the Children’s Rooms and this was very spacious and colorful. I loved the painted pillars there.

On the second floor, in the Teen section, one of their display racks was for “all books by Christopher Pike and R.L. Stine.” That would have been my favorite section! There was also a room for the Linn (County) Genealogical Society. I was disappointed the Friends of the Albany Library Bookstore was closed.

We also stopped by the Carnegie Library in Albany, where the Friends has a little annex of their store. I loved the stage in the Children’s Room there. Apparently the story times at both locations are done with puppets!

On the drive to Newport, my roommate saw the sign for the Philomath Community Library. Since we were doing good on time, we went in. There were dedicated shelf space by the entrance for the Friends of the Corvallis-Benton County Public Library.

A Teen ‘scape neon sign hung over their lounge area. I’ll also see it in Corvallis.

Our next stop was the Newport Public Library. They had a Book Sale area on the first floor. There was also a display for their community-wide reading project, Newport Reads. This year’s selection was Oregon author Brian Doyle’s Mink River.

Their version of Teen ‘scape was Youth Domain.

Clifford was waiting in the Children’s Area (on the lower level) and there was a very roomy Story Corner. And I’m a sucker for statues of people reading!

Corvallis was our final stop. The Friends and the Library Foundation each had their own display right next to one another. I was really impressed by all the art here- from the Children’s Room and the Family Reading Room. It was interesting to see that the library was recognized for their El día de los Niños/ El día de los Libros (Children’s Day/Book Day) participation, receiving the 2003 Mora Award.

Even as I write this, I smile because this was truly one of the best days of my life. And I’ve only shared the library portion of the day! I love libraries and I love people who love libraries and/or who encourages my Library Hopping ways!

NOTE: I will edit this soon to include the pictures I took.

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