National Friends of the Library Week

It’s National Friends of the Library Week!

I remember being a page for the Las Vegas- Clark County Library District and the awesome, friendly, and dedicated staff and volunteers who ran our branch’s FOL store. It was their kindness that made me seek out Friends of the Multnomah County Library when I moved to Portland. I was a volunteer at their store (and their pop-up store two summers ago) and Used Book Sale before currently being a Board Member. (It was actually during a Friends’ Volunteer Appreciation Party that Carly and I first met!)

Whether writing articles for the newsletter Footnotes, helping organize the storage room for our online store inventory, or doing various other tasks, it’s been a pleasure advocating for our Library especially during this time. But it’s not all hard work and no play.

In fact, Friends’ just threw a 40th Birthday Bash last week! We had great speakers- US Representative Earl Blumenauer, Monica Drake, Pauls Toutonghi, Karen Karbo, and Matthew Dickman- share stories of how libraries have impacted their lives. Plus there were 2 cakes to feast on!

FOL 40th Birthday Bash Cakes

Then, there was this wonderful video of the Friends’ history entitled “Turning the Pages.” Stay through the end and catch me awkwardly greeting the Friends’!

Also worth mentioning, the Multnomah County Commissioners recently proclaimed this week as National Friends of Libraries Week in Multnomah County and they recognized the Friends for 40 years of community involvement!


Stop by the Store for a special sale: Buy 2 books and get a 3rd book for free (offer only applies to books, least expensive book is free).

Here are some other Friends in the Washington and Clackamas counties and the stores they run:
-Book Corner (Friends of the Beaverton City Library)
-The Booktique (Friends of the Lake Oswego Public Library)
Friends of the Oregon City Library Used Book Store
-Ledding Library Pound House Used Book Store (Friends of the Ledding Library)
-Twice Sold Tales (Wilsonville Friends of the Library)
Friends of the Hillsboro Library

Celebrate National Friends of the Library Week by visiting your local library and your local Friends’ association!

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