The 3rd Annual Library Hop Adventures of Marley and Pearl: LFL Edition, Part II

There are many things we love about hopping from Little Free Library to Little Free Library, but I think the thrill of never knowing what we are going to find excites us the most.  We often crane our necks to look down a street or around a street corner— will the LFL be obvious from a distance? Painted red or located directly on the street?  Or will it be painted brown and hidden between some bushes?  What books will be inside it?  You just never know!

The personal touches to each LFL often reflect the interests of the builder(s).  During our LFL Hop Adventures Part I, we came across an LFL with a nautical theme which had a small oar for the door handle.  Did the builder(s) just think this was a fun idea? Or did they stay up late at night reading books by Patrick O’Brian?  We came across an LFL that had an owl for the handle during today’s library hop.  Owls and libraries and books just go together, right?

I was especially impressed by the first LFL we saw today (the one on N. Shaver Street).  I loved the way it was inconspicuously placed between a thick holly bush and a tall pine tree.  A small stone wall ran beneath it and tall trees in the area kept the hot sun out.  It was clear that the builder(s) had put a lot of thought into creating a welcoming Little Free Library.

Today had all the ingredients of a great day: spending time with a great friend, visiting libraries, and looking through great books!

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