Volunteering for Summer Reading

Summer’s officially here. Even in Portland, the sun has come out!

I’ve been doing a lot to prepare for this- or, at least, for MCL’s Summer Reading program.

I’ve always wanted to volunteer for it but I don’t particularly like being around kids. I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone, though, and finally signed up.

One of the first things I did was help sort the prizes on a Saturday morning. Bouncy balls, notepads, bubbles, masks, and, of course, books had to be distributed to the different branches. This took place in the warehouse of the Administrative building, which I hadn’t been to before. It was hours of hard work but definitely worth it!

I saw this statue of a cow wearing a staff badge and reading a book in Library Administration.

During my orientation and training, I was surprised but pleased to see kids who committed to volunteer!

I recently had my first shift and it went well. I signed kids up and answered questions they (and their parents/guardians) had. I even got to give out a prize already! What I didn’t realize until then was how many coupons were also up for grabs. I was envious but glad that there were so many incentives to get kids reading! I did pick up a Read 4 Life form so that helped.

I’m definitely glad I signed up to volunteer!

Summer Reading display at Central

As for the Summer Reading program itself, it just turned 100 years! To commemorate this incredible achievement, their goal is to reach 100,000 kids. Help them out by letting everyone you know who has kids to sign up.

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