The 3rd Annual Library Hop Adventures of Marley and Pearl: LFL Edition, Part I

It’s that time of year again- another episode of library hopping with Carly and me. The first one involved visiting 6 MCL branches in one day- 7 for me- and the seed of this blog was planted. The second set was broken out into 2 parts. First, we visited 2 university libraries. Then, on a separate day (hence the 2.5), we visited a couple places in the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District.

This year, we decided it’d be fun to check out Little Free Libraries that have been popping up around the city– and nationwide. (LFL can stand for these structures or “Libraries for Life,” which is practically our motto.)

We ended up visiting 4 Little Free Libraries, each one with their own distinct style and characteristic. These LFL’s weren’t set up because our library is lacking- far from it!- but to have another venue promoting literacy and encouraging reading within the community. The basic premise is you can borrow a book and/or add one to the collection.

We were impressed by the mix of titles. These weren’t just shabby and rejected books but newer releases, classics, hardcovers, paperbacks, nonfiction, fiction, kids, young adult, etc. One of them even put a notebook where passersby/patrons can leave their comments, which I thought was a brilliant idea!

This library hop gave us a reason to explore the various neighborhoods Portland has to offer. And, there were definitely adventures- involving crossing a rather dangerous intersection over and over looking for a phantom LFL and getting lost from time to time. But they also resulted in discovering a Book,Zine and Treasure Exchange housed in an old mailbox, a wonderfully decorated Poetry Post, and spending some time playing in the Beverly Cleary Sculpture Garden and Fountain!

We’re planning on hitting up some more of these Little Free Libraries in the coming weeks but I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since we first started this annual tradition. I guess time flies with good friends and good books!

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  1. What a wonderful idea. Will check out one close to where we live. Thanks for the info.

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