Sunnyside Library

Sunnyside Library

The new Sunnyside Library recently opened in Happy Valley. (I thought that was an appropriate location considering how libraries make me feel.) This is a move from the smaller, older, and, if I may be frank, boring Clackamas Corner branch that was by Clackamas Town Center. Luckily, for anyone who has to rely on public transportation, there’s a bus that can take you there.

Sunnyside had its Grand Opening activities- including a dedication ceremony and open house- April 19th. Unfortunately, I missed out but went the next day. They were still doing their Passport Adventure- which was a fun way to explore the new building!

Passport to your library- Sunnyside Library

Passport Adventure- Completed

Behind a shopping center but next to a beautiful park and playground, the first thing I saw was the clock tower. Inside was equally visually stunning with murals of mythological characters and a bar code wall. There were so many interesting architectural touches that I recommend everyone to visit this place.

I loved how the children’s section on the second floor overlooks the playground!

There’s even also a small sales space for the Friends of the Library- Clackamas County by the entrance.

Friends Book Sale

Libraries always make me happy and Sunnyside definitely brightened up my day.

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