Check out the genealogy databases!

Fact: My paternal great-grandparents came through Ellis Island on April 25, 1921 (91 years ago today). This is a snippet from the ship manifest– the first line is my great-grandfather, the second is my great-grandmother, and the last line is my grandmother (she is about a year old). It describes their height, skin color, hair color, eye color, marks of identification [no scars/tattoos on these folks], and their place of birth.

I’ve been on a genealogy kick for the past two days. I discovered that I have some deep western New York roots on my maternal side– I’ve traced family back to 1798– and I’m not even done!  How am I doing this?  I’m using the genealogy databases that come free with your library card!

Start exploring your roots by visiting the genealogy page (don’t forget to sign in first!) on the Multnomah County Library website !

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