Libraries Yes

I’ve been helping out with the Libraries Yes campaign with their goal “to keep the Multnomah County Libraries accessible to all residents of Multnomah County.” And as I’ve asked before, how can I not do everything I can to make sure the library I love stays open?

Libraries Yes was there during “Library Lovers Unite!” I can’t tell you enough how awesome and inspiring that evening was.

They also had Books and Beer at McMenamins’ Kennedy School to inform the public about the levy and to get them to sign up to volunteer. I enjoyed seeing familiar faces and talking to people who were so passionate about the libraries.

One simple way Libraries Yes is getting the word out is through social media. Show Your Library Some Love is an ongoing volunteer session where people can “rate their library and share their thoughts about what their library means to them using Yelp, Google Places, Foursquare, and Facebook Places.” This may not sound particularly effective but think about about how many of your friends see your posts- and what if they share it? And their friends see and share it as well? How awesome would it be if on May 15th, everyone who you reached voted yes on Measure 26-125? (Ballots will be sent out on April 27th.) Multnomah County Library would be one step closer to securing a more stable funding that it deserves!

Keep Our Libraries Open- Yes on 26-125 (from Libraries Yes)

If you’re interested in seeing how you can support your library, please check out Libraries Yes!

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