Book suggestions for fans of The Hunger Games

As a Multnomah County Library intern, I have had the chance to work behind the reference desks at Central, Hollywood, and Gresham. The top questions that I’ve worked with all have to do with The Hunger Games. I have been asked at least one of the following questions during my shifts: “Do you have a copy of The Hunger Games?” “Can I put a copy of The Hunger Games on hold?” “When should my hold for The Hunger Games come in?” Teens especially adore the Hunger Games series. They are eager to read the first title in the series before the movie debuts on 3/23.

There are also patrons who have read The Hunger Games and are looking for the two titles that follow it in the series (Catching Fire and Mockingjay). These titles are usually out and I proceed to put whichever one they desire on hold for them.  I can understand the popularity of The Hunger Games. I enjoyed reading the book a few months ago (albeit after watching the first four movies of the Twilight series…).

My Goodreads review:

My favorite piece of this YA novel is the female protagonist. Katniss Everdeen is no Bella Swan. She’s intelligent, physically strong and far from dull. At 16, Katniss is an expert archer who can identify edible plants. She isn’t boy crazy and depressed. She’s a determined survivor living in a harsh world. The story starts out slow, but you won’t want to put the book down once Katniss enters the Hunger Games arena.

The Multnomah County Library has put together a list of titles that one can read while waiting for a copy of The Hunger Games.

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