Opening Reception: Votes for Women! The Oregon Story

For the next few weeks, you can visit Central’s Collins Gallery and check out their latest exhibit that celebrates the “courageous women (and men) who were determined to give Oregon women equal access to the voting booth.”

We went to the opening reception for “Votes for Women! The Oregon Story.”

I was pleasantly surprised at how well attended this event was. Only as the night progressed did I realize why there were much more people than usual. There were a lot of special guests- not only speaking but also in the audience.

It started out with a sing along, which is always an indicator of how fun things are going to be. Suffrage songs to tunes of popular parlor music were used to get messages across back in the day before radio and YouTube. Further activities would include reading assignments and sashing.

Among the notable guests were the Honorable Avel Gordly and Secretary of State Kate Brown. The latter brought up former Secretaries of State, Gov. Barbara Roberts and Hon. Norma Paulus. It was cool to see these women together because it showed what past activists have fought so hard for- and continue to do so to this day.

You can check out KGW’s media coverage of that night here.

The exhibit runs until March 6th.

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