Everybody Reads 2012

Check out the awesome display for "The Girl Who Fell from the Sky" at Central Library! It looks much nicer and less blurry in person.

Have you picked up your copy of this year’s Everybody Reads selection- The Girl Who Fell from the Sky by Heidi W. Durrow?

The Girl Who Fell from the Sky was a book I hadn’t planned on reading. I thought it was going to be a heavy handed novel about being bi-racial- like an after-school special with a Very Important Lesson. Fortunately, I ended up getting a copy and I couldn’t put it down. It was just that good!

While the book does deal with race, this is ultimately a story about identity- and the color of Rachel’s skin is just one factor in discovering who she is.

Who is Rachel Morse? She’s the daughter of an African-American father and Danish mother. She’s the new girl with light brown skin and blue eyes in a mostly black community. She’s the girl who fell from the sky- and survived. This is her story of trying to figure out how she fits in in a world where people are summed up in one word.

Heidi Durrow created a wonderful supporting cast of characters, shifting between their points of views throughout the novel, parceling out just enough information to keep the readers turning the pages. This was craftily written. I would be reading the book and, in a seemingly throwaway line, the story steps it up even another notch.

The Girl Who Fell from the Sky is a great read on the most basic level- but does have important things to say as well. Highly recommended!

Once you’ve read the book, be sure to check out any of the Pageturners groups to discuss it. There are also many great related programs planned for the book including a literary round table at Portland State University and all leading up to Heidi Durrow’s talk at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall on March 6th!

I even took to MCL’s Twitter and asked if they could think of any possible volunteer opportunities that went along with the book’s topics. Sure enough, they rose to the challenge! They offered four different places to check out- involving veterans, postpartum depression, kids, and homelessness.

As if those weren’t enough, MCL is holding a fun scavenger hunt on their Facebook page in which a lucky person (who takes their picture in any of the places mentioned in the book) can win a NOOK Tablet.

Come on, everybody, let’s read!

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