Books and Resources for Portland Teens

The Multnomah County Library (MCL)  has several pages on their website devoted to teens [MCL homepage > Teens].    As you can see, the Teens web page hosts several links to suggested reading material, resources for planning for college, and health information.  There is  a fantastic Homework Center  that can help a teen with their school assignments and projects.  The information under the Work link can help a teen learn about volunteer opportunities, find a paying job and research potential careers.

The Books webpage is full of several terrific links.  Are you a teen or do you know a teen who is interested in manga or zines?  What about drawing, acting, singing, playing, and making stuff?  If so, check out this list of DIY titles.  There are book suggestions for GLBTQ teens included on this booklist and in this book blog.

Teens can plan for college using a number of the resources listed on the College Planning webpage— a teen can explore college guides that will help them decide where to study, what to expect during the admissions process, how to apply for financial aid, and how to take advantage of opportunities to study abroad.

The health information web page can help a teen find honest and accurate resources that are helpful for their personal well-being and their school assignments.  This web page also offers excellent links that provide information on drug and tobacco abuse as well as rehabilitation services, sexual health resources, and articles/websites that can help with body image/eating disorders.

My favorite section of the Teens page is the Homework Center.  It includes helpful homework databases and a list of common topics to explore.  The databases include the World Book Encyclopedia and Culturegrams (help with countries, states and provinces).  This page also advertises the MCL Texting a Librarian service– text the word multcolib and your question to 66746– it’s for everyone, not just teens!

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