Pride and Passion: The African-American Baseball Experience

Portland is a city of books and art. One of the most perfect place in which these two passions intersect is the Collins Gallery.Located on the third floor of Central Library, this space is used for library-sponsored displays. It’s yet another way that libraries offer up information through various educational and expressive formats. The Collins Gallery has free admission and is open the same hours as Central.

Currently on display is Pride and Passion: The African-American Baseball Experience. This traveling exhibit focuses on one of America’s favorite pastime through the perspectives of the black players- nationally and locally- and their struggles throughout the years. For more information about this exhibit and everyone responsible for making it happen, check out the exhibit page.

I attended the opening day exhibit reception in early December. And, it was definitely a homerun! On hand to give a little talk about the exhibit in general and race in sports specifically was Dr. Thabiti Lewis, an Associate Professor at Washington State University Vancouver . Live jazzy baseball music played afterwards. What really stood out for me that day was that they were grilling hot dogs and serving chips and cracker jacks. I love seeing unusual things at the library!

There was even a local school group who was using this event as a learning experience. Needless to say, I loved how they were making full use of the library’s offerings because that’s what those resources are for! You can check out related events on the exhibit page including two upcoming programs on the 18th and 22nd.

Pride and Passion runs until January 22nd so there’s still time to check out the exhibit before it travels to another city.

Pride and Passion promotional materials

Let us know what you think of the Pride and Passion exhibit. Or, what other events have you enjoyed at the Collins Gallery?

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