Reading Ideas for 2012!

Marley and I have been talking a lot lately about our reading goals for 2012.  We have busily been reviewing booklists and year-end best of lists.  We agree wholeheartedly that libraries are the best place to gather ideas for titles to read.

Multnomah County Library (MCL) has several booklists that can help you get ideas for what to read next.  Are you a fan of adventure, classic literature, mysteries or nonfiction titles?  The MCL website has best seller lists from the New York Times, the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, and Powell’s.  Need help getting ideas for what to read to your kids?  MCL has booklists organized by grade level as well as by book award.  There are also booklists for parents and educators!

The Beaverton City Library website has booklists listed on helpful PDFs that you print out or save to your computer.  One of my favorites is called the College Reading List.  The College Reading List is a sixteen page document that includes titles listed under World Literature, Science, Drama, and Poetry.  There is also a booklist for Hippies and City Chicks (raising urban chickens)!

Libraries have helpful booklists for all genres and ages.

Libraries have helpful booklists aimed at all genres and ages.

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