Hello Voracious Readers,

Welcome to Library Hopping in PDX!

Already you might be asking yourself, “What is library hopping?” Is it when people dress up as rabbits when they visit their favorite branches? Unfortunately, no. It’s when you love libraries so much you can’t get enough. You can spend whole days going from one to another just enjoying each of their uniqueness and marveling that such wonderful institutions exist. You can read about our library hop adventures in previous posts.

If you’re not confused already, we’ve referred to ourselves as Pearl and Marley just because. Our real names are Carly and Earl, respectively. You can find out more about us here. But, basically, we are passionate about libraries and literacy. We want to funnel that passion into advocacy work that promotes the use of local libraries and encourages everyone to read. We are total book nerds–just like you. This blog is a great way to share our love of books, libraries, and literacy with you guys.

We’re going through our journals and albums to fill this blog with archive posts to kind of show how much of our lives revolve around libraries- and, in a way, explain why we thought collaborating on this blog would be a great idea.

We’re also planning out future posts which we think you’ll enjoy and find informative.

Thanks for checking out our little blog. Happy Reading!

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