Two Library Related Events

June was a great month for library-related events. The first event was the Friends of the (Multnomah County) Library Annual Meeting. I volunteered with this great organization before as a clerk at their main store. I can’t mention enough how grateful I was for having that opportunity during my first year in Portland. It gave me purpose during my unemployed months. I’ve since then started volunteering again with them at their pop-up location.

Anyone who had bought a membership to support FOL was invited to attend their Annual Meeting, which was held at Central Library’s US Bank Room. They went through the usual routine of discussing board issues before introducing guest speaker Laura Foster who gave a fascinating presentation about “the forensic pedestrian”. I even got to have my book of hers signed!

More recently I attended a Behind the Scenes tour of Central Library which was run by The Library Foundation of which I donate money to. Two staff members and the new Central Library director took us places where the public doesn’t get to go. The audience consisted of avid library supporters- and there was even a former branch director- and they asked questions regarding current issues libraries faced. We also watched a video created by the Library Foundation about the library’s various programs. As an added bonus the director also led us on an eco-roof tour of Central Library.

It was great being part of this community of readers during both events and look forward to many more.

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