The 2nd Annual Library Hop Adventures of Marley and Pearl

I love libraries.

And it’s cool to find someone else who’s willing to do nerd-tastic things with me. Pearl is such a person. Last year, I decided to help her visit half a dozen libraries in one day. [I like to point out, though, that I did visit seven that day and she refused to acknowledge the fact (not wanting to be one upped, I presume)- until today.] So, that activity became known as library hopping.

This year, we decided to check out a couple academic libraries. Our first unofficial stop was the Arleta Library Bakery Cafe just because of its name. We didn’t ask at all why it’s called that but the food was good. I had biscuits and gravy topped with pork with a side of “library fries.”

Portland’s Best Biscuits-n-Gravy with Library Fries (at Arleta Library Bakery Cafe)

Our first stop was the Portland State University Branford P. Millar Library. We were given a tour of the place.

By the campus, we took some pictures in front of a parking garage with library books painted on it.

Pearl in front of the Books Parking Garage

Marley in front of the Books Parking Garage

Next up was Aubrey R. Watzek Library at Lewis & Clark. We met a pleasant librarian who was amused by what we were doing- library hopping involves a lot of taking pictures, after all. It’s always nice when people play along with us by being helpful and entertaining.

Unfortunately, that was the end of the “adventures of Marley and Pearl” for that day but I had one hop left in me- the University of Oregon Portland Library and Learning Commons.

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