Our First Ever Library Hop

I’m a completist. I love libraries. Multnomah County Library had a map of all their locations and I immediately thought it would be fun to visit each one of them. So, I did.

When Carly had the same idea, I figured I’d help her out. I planned out a route that would take us to the most branches in an orderly fashion. But, even with the best laid plans, things can change- especially relying on public transportation!

We met outside Central Library before we headed out to Gresham, tackling the furthest location first.

There, we met a very nice librarian. She told us that the original Gresham library was a Carnegie library and just a few blocks away, now the Gresham History Museum. That was fun to check out.

We hit up five other libraries that day for a total of six. But, as I pointed out to Carly, I had actually visited seven!

(The nicknames Marley and Pearl were created during a non-library-related event, oddly enough. But, whenever we have “adventures,” which mostly involve libraries, Marley and Pearl come out to join us!)

[Note from the future: Who knew that after all these years, we would still be library hopping? Fun fact: It was after visiting Midland that the seed for this blog was first planted!]

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