Kenton Library Grand Opening Celebration

The newest branch in the Multnomah County Library district opened its doors in early March and later had a grand opening celebration.

Its layout was still pretty standard- boxy with a community meeting room at the back. But what made it different was the openness of it all, from the glass wall entrance and exposed wood-beamed ceiling. Apparently they reused wood from the original structure, the building previously being a hardware store.

I was there for the dedication ceremony which included speeches from the Director of Libraries and a Multnomah County Commissioner. Other events throughout the day included jazz and coffee, cupcakes and lemonade, and crafts for kid. There was definitely a celebratory feel in the air. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a library so jam-packed. And everyone was free to hoot and holler as much and as loud as they wanted for that day.

I was excited to attend such an event considering all the budget cuts happening threatening jobs, hours and services. It showed just how libraries are integral parts of communities, as centers of fun, information and education. Also, as noted by the speakers, they have an additional effect in revitalizing their neighborhoods, being good for the surrounding businesses.

So, to me, the opening of any library is always an optimistic sign.

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